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Peace in our relationships

Have you ever had an argument with someone who thought that they were wrong? Neither have I. However, when we step away from our need to “win” an argument and allow ourselves to see our opponent as a person, we are better able to understand another’s point of view. This will give us the opportunity to find peace in our relationships.

Over the years, I have been in many conflicts and in order to resolve these situations I have taken a closer look at myself to identify how I was impacting the situation either negatively or positively. When I did this I was able to be vulnerable and realize that there were perspectives that I never considered before.

Within our work environments there are definitely times of conflict. Don’t let Chronicle be another reason for these situations! I challenge you to consider that the problems you are having with Chronicle may be because you have the wrong perspective on the purpose of the program. I can help guide you through your “relationship struggles” with Chronicle or with any other relationship issues you may have.